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Loc8 Codes provide GPS codes for Ireland and Northern Ireland that make finding rural angling locations easy. They have the significant advantage over post codes in that it is possible to create a specific reference point exactly where you want it. A Loc8 Code consists of 8 alphanumeric characters which define locations to an accuracy of +/- 6 metres. By using Loc8 Codes, not only is it possible to use a Garmin GPS system to locate hard to find waters, but also to look at maps and aerial photographs by means of the 'Members Only' pages that contain the Loc8 Codes.


When you purchase 'The Ultimate of Irish Dreams', you will be given a code to become a Member (Free of charge) to gain access to the Loc8 Code lists.  Simply use the tab below and complete your details.  If you did not purchase your guide via this site, please enter details of where you purchased the book and you will be sent a simple question to confirm that you own a copy.  Subject to approval of your request, you will be granted membership.

Apply for Membership
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